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What are the key points of making pvc plastic template?

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What are the key points of making pvc plastic template?

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The pvc plastic template used in many construction projects has very outstanding properties。 The reason why it can achieve this effect is that it not only uses special materials, but also goes through a very strict process。 

Therefore, it can have a lot of excellent performance. 

Specifically, the main points of the old process of pvc building template include the following aspects。 

What are the key points of making pvc building template? 

1. Mix and mix should be prepared according to the correct method. 

In general, it is necessary to prepare PVC resin particles and fillers and auxiliaries, and put them into the high and low temperature mixer for full and uniform mixing with a certain weight. 

And PVC building template manufacturers introduced that these materials will have special changes under the action of high temperature and friction and shear, and very evenly mixed together, and then discharge becomes the main material of PVC building template that we need to use。 

Second, it is necessary to adopt co-extrusion foaming molding。 

When making PVC building template, it is necessary to use two extruders to complete the total foaming molding process, and put the pre-mixed skin material into it, and then put the mixed core material into it. 

This allows the template to form a three-layer sandwich structure. 

And crust foaming template manufacturers introduced in this process into the mold for foaming, through the mold lip to adjust the thickness of the blank plate.

pp hollow building template

III. Cooling and shaping should be carried out. 

In order to achieve enough hardness after the template is made, the pvc building template manufacturer emphasizes that the blank plate should be cooled for special cooling treatment. 

Know which reliable manufacturer of Ppvc building templates can bring its temperature down to below 50 degrees and vacuum it, and then transport the material to the appropriate location in this state. 

In this way, it can play a good protective role。 

The above is the process of PVC building template production points are included in several aspects, in addition to the acquisition and editing, traction and cutting and other operations。 

The professional manufacturer of pvc plastic building template introduces that it needs to be carried out with the help of the corresponding device in the process of traction, and the management force and speed should be controlled well, so that the template can be drawn out evenly and its thickness can be controlled。 

And then carry out the packing work.

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